Program Overview

The Department of English is a thriving academic community dedicated to the study of literature, language, and culture. Our faculty members are passionate scholars, writers, and teachers who bring their expertise and enthusiasm to the classroom. With a curriculum that encompasses a wide range of literary periods, genres, and cultural contexts, we provide our students with a deep and nuanced understanding of the written word. Whether you are interested in creative writing, literary criticism, or cultural studies, the Department of English offers a dynamic and engaging learning environment that will help you develop your skills, expand your horizons, and prepare you for a wide range of careers in academia, publishing, journalism, and beyond.



The department of English aims at transforming the students into the rational human beings with an inquisitive and argumentative bent of mind through literary, theoretical and linguistic teaching.


The English Department also envisions to cater the students with adequate communication skills to prepare them for their professional needs in the globalized scenario prevalent today. The department also envisions the healthy and positive cultural growth of the students for a better social, economic, political and cultural environment in the country. We believe in the multi-cultural and multi-religious texture of our country.Accordingly, we strive to shape and reshape the attitudes of the students compatible to these diversities in order to strengthen the democratic spirit of our country.