Program Overview

The Department of Computer aims to prepare students with a solid foundation in computer science and its applications. The curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of programming, data structures and algorithms, computer architecture, operating systems, software engineering, database management systems, and computer networks. The department emphasizes the practical application of theoretical concepts and provides students with opportunities to work on real-world projects. In addition to technical skills, the department also encourages the development of problem-solving, analytical, and communication skills, preparing students for a successful career in the constantly evolving field of computer science.


The department of Computer Application has been in existence in Don Bosco College, Mampetta, ever since the college was established on August, 2013. The college has BCA of University of Calicut. The department is catering to the needs of the students of the department and other departments focused on making them ready for future based on the University Syllabus. The department gives special attention to prepare young minds, for the challenging times in the IT industry with global awareness supported by experts in the field. The student participation in the workshops and fests in and out is encouraged, focused on acquiring of knowledge and experience. The computer department has six qualified and experienced faculty members who act guided by the HOD and the Principal.


The vision of the department is to empower the students by providing unique learning experience to compete with the ever changing computer industry demands based on ethical values and societal expectations.


The department of Computer Application aims to impart value based quality education for employability by providing theoretical and practical knowledge with programming skills.