Best Practice 2

Best Practice 2

LEAF (Let Environment be an Absolute Fulfilment)

The LEAF is an initiative of Don Bosco College Mampetta to promote sustainability, nurturing bonds, and fostering a deeper connection with nature. This innovative practice revolves around gifting plants and saplings on birthdays, encompassing profound objectives and tangible outcomes that set it apart from conventional approaches.


  • To cultivate a culture of environmental consciousness and sustainability within the college community. By gifting plants and saplings, it aims to raise awareness about the vital role of plants in maintaining ecological balance and combating climate change.
  • To nurture a sense of camaraderie and appreciation for nature among staff, students, and visitors. It envisions the practice as a means to strengthen the communal spirit within the college.
  • By setting an example of responsible gifting, it aspires to influence broader societal attitudes towards sustainable practices.


Amidst growing concerns about climate change and environmental degradation, Don Bosco College Mampetta sought to align its values with impactful actions. The LEAF initiative emerged as an innovative response to these challenges, combining sustainability, community engagement, and meaningful celebrations.

The Practice:

LEAF started its journey with a simple yet powerful concept: gifting green plants to college staff on their birthdays. Accompanying care instructions and information about the ecological benefits of the plants amplified the practice's significance.

As the initiative gained momentum, it naturally extended to students' birthdays. Personalization played a pivotal role as each student received a sapling tailored to their living circumstances. The gesture of teachers and peers joining in to convey warm wishes added an emotional touch, while students were reminded of their responsibility to nurture nature.

The initiative's impact expanded further, encompassing visiting guests like dignitaries, lecturers, and parents. Gifting a plant or sapling became a symbol of appreciation, reflecting the college's commitment to sustainability.

Evidence of Success:

  • Awareness Enhancement: The practice ignited conversations about environmental conservation and sustainable living. Recipients engaged in discussions about the pivotal role of plants in addressing environmental challenges.
  • Positive Feedback: Staff and students praised the eco-friendly approach to birthdays. Gifting plants was admired for its uniqueness and significance, reinforcing the practice's impact.
  • Tangible Environmental Impact: The initiative contributed to a significant growth in the number of plants and trees on campus and in recipients' homes. This translated into improved air quality and enhanced green spaces.
  • Community Building: Gifting plants on birthdays fostered unity within the college community. The shared experiences of nurturing plants strengthened interpersonal bonds, enhancing the college's communal spirit.

Challenges and Resource Requirements:

Plant Selection and Care: Selecting diverse plants and providing care guidance required horticultural expertise.

Resource Allocation: Funding and dedicated staff time were essential for acquiring and maintaining plants.

Sensitization: Some recipients were unfamiliar with plant care, necessitating awareness campaigns.

Financial Support: Funding for plant procurement and maintenance.

Expert Guidance: Collaboration with horticultural experts for plant selection and care.

Awareness Campaigns: Regular campaigns to educate the community about the initiative's significance.