BCA Department's Bridge Courses


Strengthening Foundations: The BCA Department's Bridge Courses are tailored to establish a robust groundwork in crucial computer science and programming skills. Particularly beneficial for students with diverse educational backgrounds before entering the BCA program. From August 7 to August 11, 2023, the Department of Computer Application organized a five-day bridge course for first-year students. This immersive experience provided students with insights into various professional fields.The interactions with professionals, including Dr. Baby Chacko (Former HOD, St. Joseph's College Devagiri), Suhail Anwar Sadath (Former Software Analyst, TCS Chennai), Manikandan P (CEO Softronics), Ashik N C (CEO Bluegen Solutions), and Vishnu P (Software Developer, IOSS Cyberpark), broadened horizons and ignited passion for career pursuits.The 5-day bridge course was an invaluable experience, setting the stage for students to pursue their career goals with newfound dedication.