Graduation and Farewell


Don Bosco College Mampetta organized a graduation ceremony  on 25th April 2023 for the outgoing batch 2020-2023 and a farewell to the fathers and teachers who were bidding goodbye to the college. Graduation day is not just the cessation of college life but simultaneously the commencement of life outside the four walls of this safe refuge. It is a time of celebration, reminiscence and reflections, as the future unfurls with a myriad of promises. The graduation ceremony started with the commentary of Fr. Martin and a processional march of all graduating students along with Principal, Rector and Vice principal of the college. It was followed by a prayer and a warm cordial welcome address of Fr. Joby M Abraham (Principal, Don Bosco College). Fr Jeeson Nelluvelil (Rector and Manager, Don Bosco College Mampetta) emboldened and inspired everyone with his keynote address. Afterwards was the awarding of honors to the deserving honor pupils for best project Award, best outgoing student Award, PTMA Scholarship for attendance and Fr. Joseph Oonupalathingal Memorial Merit Award. It was followed by the words of response from students representing  the four departments about their  personal journeys in college. Later on the college pays  tribute to the successful completion of work life of teachers and Fathers who were with the college. Fr. Jeeson Neluvellil (Rector and Manager), Fr. James, Fr. Joby and Mr. Shaji PD expressed their sincere gratitude and love towards the college. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks of Mr. Vijayan KV (Vice Principal) and the department wise farewell programmes.