Don Bosco Chapel is located at the second floor on the campus. The Chapel is open throughout the day for students and staff to have a peaceful and serene time for prayer and meditation. The college provides a divine ambience which calms the young minds enabling better comprehension and learning. On First Friday the catholic students have Holy mass and value education for the non-Catholics.




The College Canteen is located at a separate independent cottage to cater to the needs of students and staff. The canteen functions on all working days from morning and remains open till the close of the college hours. The service of the canteen includes serving tea, coffee, snacks and meals at subsidized and affordable rates to the students and the staff. The Canteen premises are kept neat and tidy giving special attention to hygiene and cleanliness.


Language Lab


The Language Laboratory which is also the grooming yard for the students to attain the robes of a good communicator is attached to the Degree Computer Lab. The Language Laboratory plays an important role in the language learning process of students of the campus. It provides students with the technical tools to get the best samples of pronunciation of the language. The electronic devices used in the laboratory will stimulate the eyes and ears of the learner to acquire the language quickly and easily. The language laboratory offers broadcasting, television programmes, web-assisted materials and videotaped off-air recordings in the target language. In short, a learner can get the same experience of having interaction with native speakers through the laboratory.




The College library is located on the ground floor facing the main entrance of the college. Library has a well stock of text and reference books to support the curriculum of the students Its collections besides text books include periodicals, magazines journals, fictions in English and Malayalam, career guidance books, etc. Computer workstations and study areas are available in the library. on all working days and Saturdays(except second Saturday)form 8.30 am to 3.30 pm. Library is fully automated with integrated library software; providing functions like Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), issue, return, search for the status of the books and users, article search and user entry login at the entrance, bar-code technology for circulation of documents etc. Other Services include reprography facility for library documents, document scanning and library orientation to fresher’s and other users. Our digital library provides e-books, dissertations and digitalized question papers of previous years.


College Office


The College office has an Office Superintendent, office secretary and an accountant in the functioning of the day to day activities of the College Office. The office takes care of all the admission process and maintains statistics of the students, matters relating to their examinations, university, and welfare matters. It also maintains and updates files of all teaching and supporting staff. All queries and requirement of the students are properly answered and met by the office willingly and promptly.




The College strongly believes that for a holistic development of human personality, sufficient emphasis must be given for sports and games as in academics. The college every year organizes inter house sports and games competitions to identify the ones who excel in sports and games activities. Such students are given adequate practice and training to participate in University level inter zone level and university level competitions. The College has Volleyball court, a Football court and a Badminton court at the disposal of the students.


Open Auditorium


The College has an open roofed auditorium with a built in stage and greenroom located at the quadrangle of the UG section. which has a seating capacity of 1000 people


Seminar Halls


Don Bosco college mampetta has one full-fledged seminar hall an AV Hall and a Smart room for innovative class, and offer co-curricular activities and extra-curricular activities