Don Bosco Mampetta

Don Bosco Arts & Science College ( DBCM), Mampetta, is a minority institution affiliated to the University of Calicut It is managed and run by salesians of Don Bosco, which is an International organization. The college provides educational excellence through a holistic educational environment for learning and the advancement of knowledge to meet the global changes and challenges in educational, social, economic, and cultural scenario . The campus is committed to provide a sound moral and spiritual base that promotes responsibility, honesty, integrity and respect for rights and opinions of others. Over the years, Don Bosco system of education has evolved programs and events that promote social demeanor that is civil courteous, respectful and discourage attitudes and behaviors that are anti-social. It is the goal of the Institute to provide situations and opportunities that promote mutual respect among its members, accountability and probity, transparency and equality. The campus sincerely strive to create an ambience that fosters teaching and learning positive and delightful.

Goals & core values

To develop human resources in discovering and assimilating knowledge and its application beyond the boundaries of its campus towards social commitment and global vision. To develop in students heightened intellectual, cultural, moral, spiritual and human sensitivities. To ensure Personal accompaniment towards self-transformation. Inspired and guided by the to enable and empower the students to pursue integral formation leading to success, commitment and integrity.

Governing council

The day to day administration of the college is directly arranged by the governing council which contains of the following members